Crowding and Spacing Correction

Whether there is too little space or too much, we can help you correctly align your teeth to improve your dental health and boost your confidence.

Crowding Of Teeth

Crowding occurs when the jaw has insufficient space to accommodate all teeth adequately. This can lead to teeth that are misaligned, overlapping, or twisted. Early intervention is critical in managing crowding to prevent more serious complications. At Stiles Dental Group, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to realign the teeth and enhance oral health.

illustration of crowding teeth on the lower jaw

illustration of over-spaced teeth on the lower jaw

Spacing Of Teeth

Spacing issues appear as gaps between teeth and can affect a smile’s aesthetics and oral functionality. These gaps are often caused by teeth that are too small for the space or missing teeth. Stiles Dental Group uses advanced orthodontic solutions to correct spacing issues, ensuring your teeth are aligned and your mouth remains healthy. Our personalized approach helps us address each patient’s unique needs, providing effective and comfortable treatments.

  • How are crowded teeth corrected?

    Crowded teeth are typically corrected using orthodontic appliances such as braces or clear aligners. These devices apply gentle pressure over time to move the teeth into the desired position, improving alignment and spacing. In more severe cases, other dental devices and procedures, like expanders or tooth extraction, might be necessary to align teeth correctly.

  • What are some causes of spacing issues?

    Spacing issues can occur due to missing teeth, extra teeth, irregular tooth size, or the early loss of primary teeth. Sometimes, certain habits like thumb sucking can lead to spacing issues as well. At Stiles Dental Group, we assess the underlying cause of the spacing and choose the most effective treatment to close gaps and enhance your smile.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about your options regarding crowding and spacing correction, give us a call or request an appointment today!

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